We have found a new family outing activity, scootering.

When my hubby and I got the scooters for our girls, we decided to purchase two for ourselves as well, as we imagined how much fun it would be to do this together. It is indeed as much fun as we anticipated.

We decided to try out Taman Tasik Cyberjaya as it is not too far away from our place.

The bridge is not too suitable to scoot. In fact, our eldest, Elle, fell down once as the bridge surface is uneven.

As for the jogging track, it is OK to scoot as the pavement is quite even. Therefore, we scooted on the jogging track twice.

Elle managed to spot a snail in the water! For a few months she was obsessed with snails around our home and had been collecting and keeping them inside the house.

Scoot over the bridge to complete one circuit around the park. It is a long bridge.

After scooting, our girls wanted to play at the playground, so we spent an hour there for them to release their energy. This playground is big compared to most of the playgrounds around our neighbourhood. However, it needs some repairing as we saw wear and tear in a few parts of the playground.

Overall, the park is nice for picnics as there are lots of trees providing plenty of shade. The kids can play at the playground while we picnic. There were bicycles to rent and bubble stalls as well.
Scooting on the jogging track is OK but we had to U-turn instead of making a full circuit due to the bridge.
I love the serenity of the lake covered with lotus. I took so many photos of the lotus flowers.

Will I come back again?

Yes, definitely we will visit the park for the playground, for picnicking and for jogging over the weekends. As for scootering, we will try to find a better location.

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