Our Sunday usually is FREE from any activities. Occasionally, we have a birthday or other celebrations on weekends. But, most Sundays we try to keep as free as possible.

However, for the last few months we have a fixed Sunday morning routine.

We will go out early, around 7am, to the Pasar Pagi (Morning market) which is not too far from our place. I will purchase my weekly supply of fruit and vegetables in the morning market. There are a few vegetable stalls, recommended by my neighbour, selling produce that has been sprayed with less insecticides and pesticides. Her mother used to own a market garden. Her mother remarked that these two stalls sell vegetables that are fresh and less polluted. Also, these vegetables are grown locally. Nowadays, there are lots of vegetables sold in Malaysia that have been imported from China. Indeed, the vegetables there seem fresher.

Also, another main factor for purchasing from the morning market, apart from the produce being fresh, is it is way cheaper than the shops. I found my purchase at the morning market was about 20% to 30% cheaper.

The first stall that sells fresh leafy vege

The second stalls that is recommended by my friends for their roots vege and beans

I also purchased some eggs from a stall which was also recommended by my friend.

The uncle who sells the eggs is rather funny. When he saw me taking photos of his stall he got worried and kept asking me whether I am going to post online to complain that his egg pricing is high.

Apart from buying fruit and vegetables, there are lots of stalls selling food as well. I would recommend the nasi lemak stall at the morning market. Two thumbs up for the fried chicken. The curry puff is good as well. Usually, the curry puff will sell out fast!

The stall is being operated by a Thai lady. You will see a queue at this stall to purchase the nasi lemak.

The nasi lemak stall with all the kuehs.

I like to buy the apam (pancakes with peanut fillings) as well.

After the short trip to the pasar pagi, we will stop at the playground nearby

I like to buy the apam (pan cakes with peanuts fillings) as well.

After the short trip to the pasar pagi, we will stop at the playground nearby.

This is one of the bigger community playgrounds in Puchong. It is rather busy during the weekends with families bringing their children and elderly people doing some morning exercises.

The playground has basketball courts, a reflexology path and few playground sites for kids.


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