Our First Camping Trip

We had our first camping trip in March this year. One word to sum up our expectations was “EXCITED”, as we knew nothing about camping prior to this. We were lucky as one of our friends, who sort of guided us for this trip, had been camping a few times already. We had five families for this trip with ten adults and seven kids (five kids were five years old and two kids were two years old).

It took us around a month to get all the camping gear ready as we needed to do some research to get our money’s worth for the purchases.

Our very first camp site was at ABC Camp site, Janda Baik, Bentong, Pahang.

We arrived there around 2pm after having a quick lunch in Bukit Tinggi Bentong and bought some corn for the camping.

As the weather was hot that day, we took our time setting up the tents and unpacking the car. After that, the kids excitedly plunged into the river for water play.

The shallow stream is perfect for our kids to play in.

After the water session, around 5pm, the adults were ready to prepare dinner while the kids were happily playing around and exploring the surroundings.

We had prepared a BBQ and steamboat and had way more food than was needed. However, we managed to eat most of the food for breakfast the next day.

Kids were having fun BBQing the marshmallows and playing around.

Our session ended late that night as all the kids only went to sleep around midnight. Surprisingly, they woke up so early the next morning! By 7am all of them were up.

We prepared a simple breakfast. Also, we cooked some of the leftover food from the steamboat and BBQ the night before.

We had sandwiches. The kids were having a good time preparing their own sandwiches.

We also had some chicken wing and corns. That was the left over from night before

After all the running and play, they were hungry by 10plus.

The camping trip was indeed a very good experience. All of us are looking forward for another camping trip soon.After breakfast, the kids continued to explore the surrounding and went for 1 more round of water play before we packed up and leave. We were supposed to leave the place by 12 noon.

We also had some leftover chicken wings and corn.

After all the running and playing, they were hungry by 10am.

Throughout the morning the kids continued exploring and also went for one more session of water play before we packed up and left. We were supposed to leave the camp site by 12 noon but stayed until   pm. It was indeed a very good experience and all of us are looking forward to another camping trip soon.

A few things to do differently for our future camping trips:

  1. Have the kids sleep earlier as most of them were very cranky and super-duper tired due to not enough sleep
  2. To have a better food estimation for the trip as we brought way too much food.
  3. I now have a more complete “things to bring” list

I am attaching my camping list for reference below.

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